Someone missed out on Mega Millions jackpot and $36 million is gone for good

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When a Mega Millions jackpot goes unclaimed, nan costs are returned to nan states that return portion successful nan lottery.

Each authorities receives a information of nan unclaimed amount, pinch nan winning authorities often getting a larger share.

These costs tin past beryllium utilized according to authorities regulations, including supporting charities, backing early lotteries, aliases financing second-chance contests.

Lottery winners tin validate their winning summons astatine immoderate Florida Lottery retailer wrong nan play allowed, but to declare nan jackpot prize, they must sojourn a Lottery District Office.

Worried astir missing out?

Additional accusation is disposable done nan Lottery's Customer Service astatine (850) 487-7787 aliases connected their website astatine

The Mega Millions Lottery besides offers a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, enabling summons holders to scan their ticket's barcode to spot if it's a winner.

This unclaimed jackpot is simply a reminder for lottery summons buyers to cheque them cautiously and declare immoderate winnings earlier nan deadline.

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